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16 best employee benefits tools in 2024

Check out our ultimate guide to the 16 best employee benefits tools in 2024. Learn about innovative solutions that elevate employee satisfaction and operational efficiency, ensuring your company stays ahead in attracting and retaining top talent.

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Feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of employee benefits tools in the market?

The struggle to find the right solution is real, with a sea of options causing confusion and decision fatigue. The challenge lies in sifting through countless tools, each claiming to be the answer to your benefits management needs.

We're here to cut through the clutter and provide straightforward solutions that stand out from the crowd. Here are the 16 best employee benefits tools that will help you streamline employee benefits in 2024.

The benefits of using an employee benefits tool

There are lots of benefits to using an employee benefits tool within your organization. Some of those are listed below.

1. Improve employee satisfaction

Implementing employee benefits software at your organization enhances job satisfaction by providing convenient access to benefits information, facilitating easy enrollment, and demonstrating an employer's commitment to employee well-being. According to a recent survey by SHRM, organizations with robust benefits programs experience higher employee satisfaction rates.

2. Improves benefits utilization

By offering a user-friendly benefits tool, organizations empower employees to make informed choices, increasing the utilization of available benefits and ensuring that employees maximize the value of their compensation packages. And with platforms like Forma that operate as a single source for all benefits, the utilization rate remains consistently high, easily reaching 80% on a monthly basis.

Check out Forma’s Benefits Utilization Webinar for more details.

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3. Stay organized and compliant

Employee benefits tools streamline benefits administration, reducing administrative burdens, ensuring accurate record-keeping, and aiding in compliance with complex and ever-changing HR regulations.

4. Attract and retain top talent

A robust benefits tool serves as a competitive advantage, attracting top talent by showcasing a commitment to employee welfare and retaining valuable staff by offering attractive, customizable benefits packages.

5. Enhance employee wellness programs

Employee benefits tools can integrate with wellness programs, fostering a healthier workforce. Through features like health incentives, fitness tracking, and access to wellness resources, organizations promote a culture of well-being and productivity.

Best employee benefits tools

With the fundamentals established, let’s move on to 16 of the best benefits tools you can get for your employees.

1. Forma

Forma empowers organizations to manage flexible benefits programs at scale efficiently.

Our comprehensive benefits software suite consolidates employee perks into a unified platform, ensuring speed and convenience for your workforce in claiming the benefits they truly need. Meanwhile, HR staff can effortlessly create custom plans using our streamlined web dashboard, resulting in cost savings and significant time efficiency.

Forma seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack, facilitated by our guided onboarding process and dedicated customer support team. Deploying within weeks of signing up, you can enhance your benefits program with various pre-tax accounts, aiding in attracting and retaining top industry talent.

Upon signing up with Forma, you’ll unlock access to a suite of features designed to elevate your benefits management capabilities.

Forma features

  • A wide array of customizable spending accounts, including Lifestyle Spending Accounts (LSAs), Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), Healthcare Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs), and more.
  • Easy way to claim benefits with a seamless reimbursement process. Employees can access discounted offerings from global brands in the Forma Store, as well as use the Forma Card to spend their benefit allowances at the point of purchase.
  • A streamlined UI powered by a solid backend guarantees permanent up-time and seamless checkout for employee perks and benefits. As your organization grows, Forma's architecture will keep up pace and scale with you.
  • World-class customer service thanks to Forma’s team of customer support professionals. Customers and employees can access support 24/7 via email and live chat, available globally.
  • Comprehensive real-time analytics tools, accessible through Forma's admin dashboard. Monitor budget utilization rates and obtain rich insights about the effectiveness of your benefits plan.

Forma benefits

Forma offers substantial benefits to organizations in a wide variety of industries, including IT, healthcare and insurance, retail, manufacturing, financial services, and media.

Streamlined costs

With Forma, organizations only pay for funds that actually get used. This is in contrast to how other benefits providers operate, which is paying a fixed sum per employee, even if they don’t claim their benefits. Forma’s approach makes it easy to cut costs while maintaining a high level of service.

Less administrative oversight required

Forma helps organizations consolidate different benefits programs, stipends, and perks into custom spending accounts. Instead of juggling multiple vendors and plans, benefits managers can offload everything related to implementation, program design, claims administration, member support, and vendor management to Forma.

Improved budget utilization rate

Forma was developed to be a single source of benefits, so admins and employees no longer need multiple access points to claim their perks. This removes usage barriers and improves budget utilization.

Global benefits

Forma operates in 100+ countries globally, allowing organizations to deliver custom benefits to each employee independent of where they’re situated. This ensures that international employees can access the same range of benefits that office-based employees already have.

Enterprise-grade tech

Forma is SOC 2 certified, GDPR compliant, and adheres to WCAG standards expected of global enterprises. Businesses can use Forma in even the most stringent regulatory environments without incurring penalties.

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2. Gusto

Gusto is a cloud-based platform designed to simplify and streamline payroll, benefits administration, and human resource tasks for businesses of all sizes. Formerly known as ZenPayroll, Gusto aims to alleviate the complexities of managing employee-related processes by providing an integrated solution that automates various aspects of workforce management.

Gusto facilitates automated calculations, tax filings, and direct deposits. The platform also offers features for benefits administration, allowing businesses to manage health insurance, retirement plans, and other employee benefits seamlessly. In addition to these core functionalities, Gusto provides tools for employee onboarding, time tracking, and compliance management. Gusto is particularly known for its user-friendly interface, making it accessible for small and mid-sized businesses without extensive HR expertise.


  • Automated payroll processing – Gusto automates payroll calculations, tax filings, and direct deposits, streamlining the payment process for businesses.
  • Benefits administration – Gusto offers comprehensive benefits administration tools, simplifying the management of health insurance, retirement plans, and other employee benefits.
  • User-friendly HR management – With an intuitive interface, Gusto facilitates user-friendly HR management, covering tasks such as employee onboarding, time tracking, and compliance.

3. BambooHR

BambooHR is a cloud-based Human Resources Management System (HRMS). It is tailored for small to medium-sized enterprises, offering a range of tools to simplify HR processes, enhance employee management, and support organizational growth. BambooHR aims to empower businesses to manage their workforce more effectively, centralizing HR data and automating routine administrative tasks to foster a more strategic and efficient approach to HR.

BambooHR provides a comprehensive suite of features, including employee data management, benefits administration, time-off tracking, performance management, and customizable reporting. The platform's user-friendly interface allows businesses to efficiently manage employee information, track attendance, and automate workflows related to HR tasks.


  • Employee database management – BambooHR centralizes employee information, simplifying data organization and retrieval.
  • Applicant tracking system (ATS) – BambooHR streamlines the hiring process with integrated tools for job postings, applicant tracking, and team collaboration.
  • Performance management – BambooHR facilitates performance management through features like goal setting, performance reviews, and feedback to enhance employee development and engagement.

4. TriNet Zenefits

TriNet Zenefits is a user-friendly cloud-based HR solution designed for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It focuses on simplifying HR processes, and making workforce management more accessible and efficient.

TriNet Zenefits serves as an integrated HR hub, offering tools that extend from benefits administration, payroll processing, and time tracking to compliance management. The platform emphasizes its user-friendly design and automation capabilities, aiming to streamline administrative processes, reduce manual workloads, and enhance overall efficiency in managing the employee lifecycle.


  • Employee onboarding – Zenefits simplifies onboarding processes, allowing businesses to efficiently manage paperwork, employee documentation, and task assignments for new hires.
  • Benefits administration – Zenefits provides a comprehensive benefits administration system, enabling organizations to manage health insurance, retirement plans, and other employee benefits seamlessly.
  • Compliance management – Zenefits offers tools for compliance management, helping businesses navigate complex HR regulations and ensuring adherence to legal requirements.

5. Workday

Workday is a comprehensive cloud-based suite offering Human Capital Management (HCM) and financial management services. Tailored for medium to large enterprises, Workday integrates HR functions like payroll, benefits administration, and talent management with financial processes, providing a unified platform for organizational management.

Designed to enhance efficiency, Workday offers real-time analytics, advanced reporting, and mobile accessibility. Its user-friendly interface allows organizations to navigate various HR and financial tasks, fostering collaboration and adaptability. Workday is particularly useful for businesses seeking an integrated and scalable solution to manage their workforce and financial operations cohesively.


  • HR analytics and reporting – Workday provides advanced analytics and reporting tools, empowering organizations with real-time insights into workforce data for informed decision-making.
  • Talent management – Workday's talent management features facilitate the entire employee lifecycle, including recruitment, performance management, and career development, fostering a comprehensive approach to workforce optimization.
  • Integration capabilities – Workday offers robust integration capabilities, allowing seamless connectivity with other business systems, enhancing data flow and collaboration across various organizational functions.

6. Benefitfocus

Benefitfocus is a specialized platform dedicated to simplifying and optimizing benefits management for employers, insurers, and brokers. The platform offers a range of tools designed to facilitate benefits enrollment, communication, and analytics, with a primary focus on improving the overall employee benefits experience.

Benefitfocus provides features that allow organizations to customize and manage their benefits programs efficiently. This includes tools for personalized benefits enrollment, communication channels, and data analytics to gain insights into employee preferences. Benefitfocus ensures compliance with regulatory standards, making it a valuable resource for organizations navigating the complexities of benefits administration.


  • Benefits communication – Benefitfocus specializes in effective benefits communication, providing tools that help organizations convey benefit information clearly to employees, fostering better understanding and engagement.
  • Decision support – With a focus on employee empowerment, Benefitfocus incorporates decision support tools, assisting individuals in making informed choices about their benefits, and aligning offerings with individual needs.
  • Compliance solutions – Benefitfocus offers robust compliance solutions, helping organizations navigate complex regulatory landscapes by ensuring that benefits programs align with legal requirements and industry standards.

7. ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce Now is a comprehensive Human Capital Management (HCM) platform designed to simplify and unify HR, payroll, and talent management for medium to large enterprises. Built to meet the intricate demands of workforce administration, ADP Workforce Now encompasses a wide array of features, from payroll processing and benefits administration to talent acquisition and management.

ADP Workforce Now serves as a centralized solution for organizations seeking to seamlessly integrate HR functions. By combining payroll, benefits, and talent management, the platform streamlines administrative processes, enhances efficiency, and provides scalability to adapt to the evolving needs of medium to large enterprises.


  • Workforce management tools – ADP Workforce Now offers a comprehensive suite of workforce management tools, covering HR, payroll, talent management, and time and attendance, providing an integrated solution for various HR functions.
  • Scalable by design – ADP Workforce Now's modular design allows businesses to scale and customize their HR solutions according to their unique needs, ensuring flexibility in adapting to evolving organizational requirements.
  • Real-time analytics – With a focus on data-driven decision-making, ADP Workforce Now provides real-time analytics, allowing organizations to gain actionable insights into workforce trends, performance, and compliance for strategic planning.

8. BreatheHR

BreatheHR is a specialized HR software solution designed to empower small and medium-sized businesses to manage their human resources efficiently. BreatheHR offers an intuitive platform that centralizes employee data, streamlines leave management and enhances overall HR workflows.

BreatheHR’s features include customizable reporting, document storage, and leave management tools, enabling organizations to maintain organized and accessible employee records. The platform emphasizes fostering employee engagement through self-service portals, allowing staff to access and update their information with ease.


  • Workforce management – ADP Workforce Now offers a comprehensive suite of workforce management tools, covering HR, payroll, talent management, and time and attendance, providing an integrated solution for various HR functions.
  • Modular design – ADP Workforce Now's modular design allows businesses to scale and customize their HR solutions according to their unique needs, ensuring flexibility in adapting to evolving organizational requirements.
  • Advanced analytics – With a focus on data-driven decision-making, ADP Workforce Now provides advanced analytics insights, allowing organizations to gain actionable information into workforce trends, performance, and compliance for strategic planning.

9. Namely

Namely stands out as a comprehensive HR and payroll platform catering to medium-sized businesses, offering an integrated solution for various human resource management tasks. It serves as a unified hub, seamlessly connecting payroll processing, benefits administration, and talent management to simplify the complexities of workforce management.

What sets Namely apart is its emphasis on customization and employee engagement. The platform provides customizable workflows, allowing organizations to tailor HR processes to their unique needs. Namely also focuses on fostering a positive workplace environment with features such as social recognition and employee feedback tools, enhancing collaboration within the organization.


  • Social recognition – Namely emphasizes social recognition features, fostering a positive workplace culture by allowing employees to acknowledge and appreciate each other's achievements.
  • Customizable workflows – Namely stands out with customizable workflows, enabling organizations to tailor HR processes to their specific needs, promoting flexibility and efficiency.
  • Unified HR and payroll – Namely provides a unified platform for HR and payroll, ensuring seamless integration between human resource management and payroll processing for streamlined and efficient operations.

10. Oracle PeopleSoft

Oracle PeopleSoft is an enterprise-level Human Capital Management (HCM) software solution designed to meet the complex HR needs of large organizations. Renowned for its scalability and flexibility, PeopleSoft integrates various HR functions, providing a centralized platform for workforce management, payroll processing, and talent acquisition.

Oracle PeopleSoft empowers organizations to streamline HR processes by offering a robust suite of features. These include comprehensive workforce analytics, enabling data-driven decision-making, and a modular design that allows organizations to adapt the system to their specific requirements. Oracle PeopleSoft stands out for its ability to handle intricate HR processes at scale. Its features are designed to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and compliance in managing a diverse and dynamic workforce.


  • Unified HCM – Oracle PeopleSoft offers a unified HCM solution, integrating various HR functions, from talent management to payroll processing, providing a cohesive platform for workforce management.
  • Scalable and modular – With a modular design, PeopleSoft allows organizations to scale and customize their HR solutions based on specific requirements, ensuring adaptability to evolving business needs.
  • Global workforce support – Oracle PeopleSoft provides robust features for managing a global workforce, offering tools for international HR compliance, multi-currency payroll, and localization capabilities to meet the diverse needs of organizations operating globally.

11. Rippling

Rippling is a modern HR and IT management platform designed to simplify and automate various aspects of employee administration for businesses. Rippling aims to be an all-encompassing solution, seamlessly integrating HR, payroll, and IT functions to create a unified platform for managing the entire employee lifecycle.

What sets Rippling apart is its holistic approach to employee management. The platform not only addresses HR needs, such as benefits administration and payroll processing but also extends its capabilities to IT management. Rippling allows businesses to automate processes like employee onboarding, device provisioning, and network access, streamlining the often complex tasks associated with both HR and IT operations.


  • Unified HR and IT management – Rippling uniquely combines HR and IT management, providing a comprehensive solution for automating not only HR processes but also IT-related tasks such as device provisioning and network access.
  • Seamless employee lifecycle management – Rippling positions itself as a platform for seamlessly managing the entire employee lifecycle, automating administrative tasks to enhance efficiency and provide a cohesive experience.
  • Integration of HR and IT operations – Rippling integrates HR and IT operations seamlessly, offering an all-in-one solution for managing HR processes and automating IT-related tasks, ensuring a smooth and interconnected employee experience.

12. Dayforce HCM

Dayforce HCM is a robust HCM platform designed to streamline and optimize workforce management for organizations of all sizes. Dayforce HCM focuses on delivering a unified solution for various HR tasks, payroll processing, talent management, and workforce planning.

What sets Dayforce HCM apart is its real-time approach to HR and workforce management. The platform provides dynamic insights into workforce data, allowing organizations to make informed decisions based on up-to-the-minute information. With features like payroll processing, benefits administration, and talent management integrated seamlessly, Dayforce HCM ensures a cohesive experience for managing the entire employee lifecycle.


  • Unified workforce management – Dayforce HCM provides a unified platform for workforce management, covering HR, payroll, talent management, and workforce planning within a seamless and integrated system.
  • Real-time workforce insights – Dayforce HCM offers real-time insights into workforce data, enabling organizations to make informed decisions based on up-to-the-minute information for strategic planning.
  • Mobile accessibility – With a focus on user-friendly design, Dayforce HCM ensures mobile accessibility, allowing both administrators and employees to access HR features and data anytime, anywhere, fostering flexibility in HR processes.

13. Paylocity

Paylocity is a comprehensive cloud-based HCM platform designed to empower businesses with tools to efficiently manage their workforce. Paylocity caters to a spectrum of HR needs, including payroll processing, benefits administration, time and labor management, talent acquisition, and employee engagement.

The platform provides a seamless and intuitive experience for both administrators and employees, ensuring accessibility to critical HR functions. Paylocity's features extend beyond traditional HR tasks to include tools for performance management, analytics, and self-service portals, fostering employee empowerment and engagement.


  • Comprehensive cloud-based HCM – Paylocity offers a comprehensive cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) platform, providing organizations with tools for managing HR, payroll, talent, and workforce management in a unified system.
  • Self-service portals – Paylocity emphasizes self-service portals, enabling both administrators and employees to access and manage HR-related tasks, promoting efficiency and reducing manual workload.
  • Employee engagement tools – Paylocity includes features for employee engagement, offering tools for performance management, analytics, and self-service options to empower employees and enhance their overall work experience.

14. Justworks

Justworks serves as an all-encompassing solution for businesses navigating the complexities of HR, payroll, benefits, and compliance. Tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises, Justworks takes a unique approach, positioning itself as a Professional Employer Organization (PEO). In essence, Justworks becomes a co-employer with businesses, shouldering responsibilities related to HR and payroll administration, benefits management, and regulatory compliance.

Justworks provides businesses with access to a wide range of benefits, including health insurance and retirement plans, typically available to larger enterprises. The platform streamlines administrative tasks, enabling businesses to focus on growth and innovation while maintaining compliance with employment regulations.


  • Co-employment model – Justworks operates under a co-employment model, acting as a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) to share employer responsibilities, particularly in HR and payroll administration.
  • Transparent pricing – Justworks stands out with transparent pricing, providing clear and upfront cost structures for its PEO services and benefits packages, simplifying financial planning for businesses.
  • Access to enterprise-level benefits – Justworks offers small and medium-sized enterprises access to enterprise-level benefits, leveraging its collective bargaining power to provide competitive rates for health insurance, retirement plans, and other employee benefits.

15. Employee Navigator

Employee Navigator is a specialized platform dedicated to benefits management for employers, brokers, and insurance carriers. Employee Navigator serves as a centralized hub for benefits administration, offering a suite of tools that streamline benefits enrollment, communication, and compliance.

What distinguishes Employee Navigator is its adaptability to the diverse needs of various stakeholders. Employers can efficiently manage and customize benefits packages, brokers can navigate and advise on diverse benefit offerings, and insurance carriers can seamlessly integrate with the platform to reach a broader audience.


  • Robust Benefits Administration – Employee Navigator specializes in benefits administration, providing a robust platform for managing employee benefits, from health insurance to retirement plans, in a streamlined and efficient manner.
  • Broker-driven platform – Employee Navigator operates as a broker-driven platform, offering tools that empower insurance brokers to efficiently manage and advise on employee benefits for their clients.
  • Customizable benefits packages – Employee Navigator allows organizations to create customizable benefits packages, tailoring offerings to meet the unique needs of their workforce, fostering flexibility and employee satisfaction.

16. UKG Pro

UKG Pro is a powerful HCM platform designed to elevate workforce management for organizations of varying sizes. With a focus on providing a comprehensive solution, UKG Pro integrates HR, payroll, talent management, and workforce analytics into a unified platform, streamlining the entire employee lifecycle.

What sets UKG Pro apart is its commitment to providing an engaging and personalized employee experience. The platform empowers businesses with advanced tools for talent acquisition, performance management, and workforce optimization.


  • Comprehensive workforce management – UKG Pro offers a comprehensive workforce management solution, encompassing HR, payroll, talent management, and analytics within an integrated platform for efficient organizational operations.
  • Engaging employee experience – UKG Pro prioritizes an engaging employee experience, providing tools for talent development, performance management, and employee self-service to enhance overall job satisfaction.
  • Robust global capabilities – With a focus on global workforce management, UKG Pro provides robust features for organizations with an international presence, offering solutions for compliance, payroll, and HR processes across different regions.

How to choose the best employee benefits tools for you?

Before choosing an employee benefits tool, assess your organization's unique requirements. Consider factors such as the size of your workforce, industry-specific compliance needs, and the types of benefits your employees value most. Understanding your specific needs will guide you toward a tool that aligns with your organization's objectives.

Flexible payment options

Consider employee payment flexibility as a crucial criterion when selecting an employee benefits tool. Flexibility empowers employees to manage their benefit funds according to their preferences, enhancing their overall satisfaction and engagement with the benefits program.

Dedicated support and comprehensive services

Evaluate the level of support and services provided by the benefits tool provider. With fast claims review and 24/7 support, employers can rely on benefits providers to ensure smooth operations and compliance adherence, fostering trust and confidence in the benefits management process.

User-friendly interface and accessibility

The user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) of the benefits tool play a significant role in its effectiveness and adoption. Ease of use extends to employees, who can navigate the platform with little to no training, increasing engagement and utilization rates.

Enhanced utilization and global scalability

Look for a benefits tool that can drive increased utilization and scale globally to meet diverse workforce needs.

Enterprise-grade technology and compliance

Ensure that the benefits tool meets enterprise-grade technology standards and compliance requirements such as SOC 2, GDPR, WCAG, and others.

How do these employee benefit tools compare?

How to get started with Forma

The dynamic landscape of employee benefits tools in 2024 offers a myriad of options, each vying to address the diverse needs of organizations. Navigating through this abundance can be overwhelming, but armed with insights into the top tools, you're better equipped to make an informed decision. 

If you’re looking for a solution that prioritizes UX, customization, and scalability while offering a competitive price tag, get in touch with Forma today.