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Introducing Forma’s HR ROI calculator

Assess funding and quantify the value of flexible employee benefits using Forma's life benefits calculator.

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Employee benefits matter more than ever and this HR ROI calculator will show direct impact.

Today’s workforce is more dispersed and diverse than ever. With an evolving job market no longer restricted geographically, employees are in a unique position to select from positions on a global scale that offer more of what they want and negotiate better terms aligned to their personal needs. As such, employee benefits have become a top business priority to attract top talent and increase employee retention, productivity, and innovation. 

Design and deliver flexible, inclusive benefits at every scale.

As workplace and workforce dynamics shift, traditional employee benefits programs with a one-size-fits-all approach just don’t work anymore. While point solutions offer a level of personalization, the option falls short. Exploring countless options to adequately address varied needs at scale with limited budget then selecting, implementing, and managing multiple programs puts added pressure on HR teams already stretched thin. Enter benefits spending accounts that offer the customization and flexibility today’s workforce has come to expect.

Experience the flexibility of benefits spending accounts.

Simply put, employees expect modern, flexible benefits that meet them where they are in life and support moments that matter. A key way for companies to deliver on this promise is to provide customizable employer-sponsored benefits spending accounts. The programs are configured, offered, and set up by the employer for employees to use to pay for eligible expenses that go beyond traditional benefits. The flexible benefits account construct empowers the employee to select and pay for benefits that best suit their needs and goals.

We all know change is much necessary in today's landscape but it’s never easy, that’s why we’re launching Forma’s first-ever return on investment calculator to help you assess funding needs and demonstrate the ROI using benefits spending accounts. Innovative business and HR leaders like you can use the tool to run various scenarios and obtain buy-in from the C-suite or anyone else in a budgetary approval-related role.

Enter the HR ROI calculator here to get your custom report today.