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How lululemon delivers wellness benefits with Sweaty Pursuits

Discover how and why lululemon launched its Sweaty Pursuits wellness benefit to promote workforce wellness.

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Building wellness benefits that for a healthy workforce

lululemon is a global athletic apparel company is an American Canadian retailer headquartered in British Columbia, Canada, and incorporated in Delaware, United States. The global retailer has expanded its footprint beyond North America and currently operates in EMEA and APAC with over 29,000 employees worldwide. With health and well-being an integral part of the business, the company set out to provide rich wellness benefits focused on supporting the well-being for the global team.

The company launched Sweaty Pursuits for employees to leverage a monthly stipend for group fitness at partner yoga studios. The program presented geographic barriers and lacked the flexibility to select a program outside of the network.  Furthermore, the global benefit program presented tax compliance issues as well. THe HR team did not have the administrative capacity to handle reimbursements in multiple counties due to significant variations in tax laws. lululemon needed a unifying solution that removed administrative burdens, offered customizability at the individual level, could accommodate international tax laws, and operate seamlessly.

To create a scalable, accessible wellness reimbursement offering, the company partnered with Forma and is powering the reimbursement for nearly any kind of group fitness based on an allotted monthly stipend amount. The stipend varies not only by country but by local differences in cost of living as well as employee type.

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