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Forma Store updates December 2023

What’s new from the Forma Store this December.

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On top of 5 new vendors and 45 new products added, the Forma Store team has been working with our vendors on exclusive deals for this holiday season. Get the latest updates on the Forma Store below.

Limited time offers

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, the Forma Store team collaborated with select partners to curate exclusive bundled deals for employees.

  • Forma members are in for a treat with Headspace exclusive bundles featuring Sony headphones and the Sound Oasis Sleep Mask, available until the end of January.
  • Revel in additional discounts on all Hyperice products throughout December.

Headspace x Sony and Headspace x Sound Oasis deals.
Hyperice products available in the Forma Store.

New vendors & products

We consistently provide a diverse range of products and services benefiting both individuals and their families. Take note of two noteworthy new vendors listed below.

  • Fi is on a mission to create the smartest tech ever built for your dog with GPS tracking, escape alerts, and health & activity monitoring. Fi is the only dog wearable with up to 3 months of battery life on one charge. You can put on your dog and forget about the device for weeks.
  • Noni manages your digital estate and ensures your wishes are carried out with the utmost precision. If something happens to you, Noni securely distributes your instructions for your digital legacy to your fiduciaries and assists in closing online accounts.

December's featured partners: Fi and Noni.

We'll be back next month for our update. Check out the latest updates in the Forma Store today.