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2023 state of employee perks and wellness programs

The 2023 state of employee perks and wellness programs report provides benefits professionals & Total Rewards leaders with current benchmarking and utilization data.

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An updated flexible benefits benchmark report for HR leaders

In 2023, Forma Research conducted a survey to provide benefits professionals and Total Rewards leaders with current benchmarking, budgeting, and utilization data. While traditional core benefits, such as medical, dental & vision are invaluable, this survey focused predominantly on employee spending accounts, wellness benefits, and employee perks.

The survey was administered in January through March of 2023 with a total of 248 participating. The participants represented various company sizes, spanning small, medium, and large enterprises, with an average company size of 7,353, and a median of 908. By surveying a diverse range of companies, the study sought to provide a comprehensive understanding of existing benefits programs and opportunities faced by HR 
and benefits leaders in today's business landscape. 

The results provide insight into:

  • Workforce distribution
  • The overall benefits budget
  • The types Pre-tax Accounts offered
  • Employee perks and wellness program distribution, utilization, budget, and procurement
  • Benefits administration time investment
  • Employee benefits surveys

Download the paper to gain insight into the flexible benefits landscape and benchmarking data to build helpful to build a competitive benefits program.

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