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The state of today's HR tech stack 2022-23

Access the state of today's HR tech stack 2022-23 and discover how to improve the employee experience through modern benefits technology

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Many organizations now have the chance to maximize the productivity of their globally dispersed workforce while providing employees with a positive work environment focused on their wellbeing.

In this environment, technology has become indispensable. It has enabled organizations to connect with employees working in remote locations, provide them with the required support to conduct their work, and effectively manage them. These trends also allow some organizations to collect even more information on how employees perform, feel, communicate and behave.

An organization’s HR tech stack represents an organization’s totality of technological solutions that HR uses to achieve its strategic goals, fulfill its various roles, deliver key services to employees and carry out its tasks in easier, better and more efficient ways.

This report explores various topics related to the HR tech stack such as:

  • the most commonly included capabilities
  • various issues, challenges and pain points
  • strategic alignment of the HR tech stack with business objectives
  • impact on key business outcomes
  • how the HR tech stack is likely to change in the future
  • how organizations with a higher versus lower quality HR tech stack differ

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