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Infographic: The ROI of flexible lifestyle benefits

Access an overview of data from Forma and Aon's conjoint analysis of flexible lifestyle benefits to provide clear ROI and cost efficiency gains when given choice and LSAs.

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Proving the value and ROI behind flexible lifestyle benefits

Given the pressure of rising medical, companies are scrutinizing any and all benefits investments. Proving value and ROI for benefit programs has become critical. Two essential offerings have emerged as must-haves to round out comprehensive benefits programs: Lifestyle Spending Accounts and flexible benefits. And both have the data to back up rationale for investment.

The ROI for the funds companies invest in benefits spending accounts and can help HR leaders build a business case for the additive value of these programs to their finance teams. The below infographic provides key takeaways with proven ROI from a report conducted by Forma and Aon. The two partnered to facilitate a conjoint analysis that quantifies how employees value benefits with flexibility and choice.

The results prove that flexibility in benefits design positively impacts perceived value, demonstrates how much employees appreciate the concept of flexibility and choice when it comes to their benefits, and shows the dollar value that employees place on being able to choose benefits that matter to them.

You can download The ROI of flexible benefits white paper here.

Click on the below images to download a copy of the infographic.

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