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Partnering with an enterprise-proven benefits administrator: 10 vital questions to ask

Discover the crucial questions you should ask when selecting a benefits administrator for your enterprise. Ask these top 10 questions.

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10 vital questions to ask when partnering with an enterprise-proven benefits administrator

There is a stark difference between enterprise proven and enterprise ready. Selecting a benefits administrator for your enterprise requires careful consideration. To ensure you choose a provider with the necessary expertise and capabilities, it is essential to ask the right questions. In this blog post, we present ten crucial questions to ask potential benefits administrators, covering aspects such as scalability, global support, customer references, compliance expertise, system integrations, security measures, and long-term vision.

What numbers can you share?

Scale matters in benefits administration. Inquire about the provider's capacity to handle a large volume of claims and support requests. Ask about the budget managed, payments processed, claims adjudicated, number of supported members, member satisfaction rates, and program-level NPS scores. These figures will give you an idea of their ability to handle enterprise-level requirements.

How many countries are you in?

If your organization operates globally, ask the benefits administrator about their presence in different countries. This question is about more than just languages. You want to gauge their experience in managing the complexities that arise from supporting multiple global offices, such as language support, system integrations, cost of living adjustments, program policies, currency conversions, and diverse support needs.

How does the support model work?

Quality customer support is crucial for a smooth benefits administration experience. Inquire about the benefits administrator's customer support channels, response times, and availability. A dedicated customer support manager and an established support team ensure prompt assistance when needed.

What support is provided for onboarding, open enrollment, and member communication?

Open enrollment and effective member communication are vital for a successful benefits program. Ask about the benefits administrator's approach to onboarding new members, conducting open enrollment processes, educating employees, and communication strategies. Simplifying the enrollment process and clearly communicating benefit options enhance employee satisfaction.

How many customers do you have above 1,000 employees and can you provide references with customers the same size as our organization?

Request references from current or past enterprise clients who have worked with the benefits administrator. Speaking to these clients will provide valuable insights into the administrator's performance, responsiveness, and ability to meet the unique needs of large organizations.

Can we meet with your compliance experts?

Navigating compliance and regulatory requirements is essential in benefits administration. Inquire about the benefits administrator's understanding of relevant laws and their process for staying up-to-date with changing regulations. Requesting a meeting with their compliance experts will help ensure they can handle compliance issues, reducing legal risks for your organization.

How will you integrate with my HR and payroll systems?

Seamless integration with your HR and payroll systems is crucial for efficient benefits administration. The question is not solely: Do you integrate? Instead, the administrator should demonstrate how they can map to your existing systems without unnecessary complexity or a lot of work from your end. They should be able to integrate with multiple systems simultaneously, streamlining data flow and minimizing manual work.

How do you support cost of living adjustments?

If your organization requires cost of living adjustments for benefits, inquire about the benefits administrator's expertise in this area. Ask how they handle different methodologies, such as direct conversions, purchasing power parity, or a basket of goods approach. Understanding their approach will ensure accurate and fair benefits administration across locations.

What security measures does the company provide?

Data security is of utmost importance when handling sensitive employee information. Encourage your security experts to meet with the administrator to learn about their data security protocols, encryption practices, and compliance with relevant regulations such as GDPR or HIPAA. Inquire about their track record and any certifications, such as SOC2, to ensure the safety of your employees' data.

What is your long-term vision and roadmap for benefits administration?

Inquire about the administrator's long-term vision and plans to assess their commitment to innovation and adaptability. Ask about their investment in technology, ongoing improvements, and their ability to meet evolving industry trends. Understanding their long-term goals will help you determine if they can support complex, global use cases and grow with your organization.

Asking these ten questions will provide valuable insights into the capabilities and suitability of a benefits administrator for your enterprise. By focusing on scalability, global support, customer references, compliance expertise, system integrations, security measures, and long-term vision, you can make an informed decision and ensure a successful partnership.