How AIT Logistics launched new Lifestyle Spending Accounts (LSAs) to support employee health and wellness

Join us for a 45-minute live discussion on July 16th at 11 am PT, 2 ET to hear how AIT used LSAs to support workforce health and well-being.

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How can Lifestyle Spending Accounts (LSAs) impact the health and well-being of employees?

Innovative companies, like AIT Logistics, are using LSAs to help support and improve employee health. 

Join us for a live discussion on July 16th at 11 am PT, 2 ET with Sharon Schlenker (Regional Vice President, Client Services at OneDigital), Merrill Gad (Vice President of Global Total Rewards at AIT), and Stefanie Kulberg (Director, Content Marketing - host at Forma). 

This session will provide a detailed look at how LSAs are helping to promote healthy behaviors and improve overall employee satisfaction at AIT. We'll discuss:

  • The challenges AIT encountered with previous wellness programs
  • The reasons behind shifting to LSAs
  • How AIT planned, communicated and launched their LSA programs
  • The positive outcomes the company has observed since making this transition 

Plus, we’ll reveal the winners of AIT’s employee benefit video contest and share how employees are benefitting from the new LSA program! 

You'll gain practical insights and tips on how LSAs can enhance your organization's approach to employee wellness. 

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